Free ibook shows what people do to survive on the streets of South Africa

Brazilian photographer based in South Africa Alexandre Suplicy shows a different side of  people begging on the streets.

He saw art and a creative way of living where others just see poverty.

After almost two years living in Johannesburg he decided to portrait what he prefer to call street artists.

“After living for a year in South Africa I decided to portray not just homeless people, but also ordinary people living in slums (here they call them “Townships”) and people living in roadsides and who survive by asking for money, providing services or selling products for those who go by there every day.


No, these people use their creativity as a means to survive.

Workers, artists, artisans, struggling?

Humans… “

“Jobless?” can be downloaded for free at itunes store.

Jobless_english1 PDF Version

In this book the reader will also learn a bit of the story of each person photographed and a get a feeling of south african urban and rural life.

Alexandre is one of the few brazilians authors/ photographers to release an ibook. He spent six months in this project and the inspiration came after he saw one guy begging on his knees in the middle of a busy road on a cold night.

Alexandre hopes that his photos help to change the image of people that have no other option but to survive on the streets.

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